Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Cupcake Killer

So I go downstairs to the parking garage at work today to pay the parking meter. When I come back upstairs I sit back down at my desk and take off my flats to get in my comfy stance aka sitting indian style in my chair with my blanket on. (it's possible they keep the temperature set to 62 degrees in here)

After about 30 seconds my friend comes over and says, " Come here, you have to see this!" I say, "Do I have to put my shoes back on for it?" She reluctantly says yes... we start walking and I ask in excitement of a potential early morning dessert "Is it food?!" She says, "Well, sorta."

This is what she shows me...
on our community board...
Poor twinkie

Makes me wonder if this a passive aggressive lash out towards me? I do tend to bring in lots of sweets... and extras for said "friend". Hmmmm....


  1. I think you should just get back at whoever posted that and bring in more cupcakes

  2. If they dont want the cupcakes... bring them my way!