Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gone to New Orleans

This past weekend I went to New Orleans with 3 of my girlfriends. That city is awesome. I say you have to go there sometime in your life, at least once. I went twice within one year. Also, if you go, leave the French Quarter just for a little bit. I know you will want to just get a drink and walk down Bourbon Street. Honestly who doesn't feel cooler walking the streets with a DRINK in hand? But just do it, please.

Of all the places to go to outside of the French Quarter there were two that were the best. First off, we walked to Frenchmen St. within the first couple hours of being there and it was the best idea ever. There were so many neat little shops and bars and music clubs. It's definitely the hipster hide out that slowly people are finding out about. We found the coolest antique costume shop. While we were there my friend found a Mardi Gras Ball Queen's dress. We obviously tried it on, sadly we didn't get it though. Instead I got a necklace with a little Flava Flav action going on. I can now tell the time by looking at my necklace.

Next up, Saint Louis Cemetary Number 1. Granted, if you do your research you know all about Marie Laveau's tomb being here. At first the excitement of seeing that gets you all hyped up. Trust me, Queen of Voodoo granting you a wish? You don't need that. Nicholas Cage's future tomb pyramid is what you need in life. Yes, he already has his tomb erected in the form of a pyramid with "everything from one" inscribed in Latin on it. Nicholas Cage would do this. Exhibit A:

Since we all know how much I love food and neat places in general I'm going to share some top places you should probably most likely go for food and/or drinks.

Johnny's Po Boy's- They have been around since 1950 and are hands down the place to go for po-boys.

             Cafe Du Monde- Everyone knows you have to go here to try a beignet, the end. (They taste even better at 2:30 AM) The alligators don't come with the beignets by the way, you can pick one of them up in a drink at Tropical Isle. They just wanted to join in for the picture.   

Yo Mama's Bar and Grill- When you think of New Orleans cuisine, you probably don't think of hamburgers. This place has some HUGE rockin' hamburgers though. The peanut butter and bacon burger was great. Once you get here you definitely need to take notice of the decor too, it's quite interesting in an inappropriate way.

Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop- "Oldest Bar in America", Best Hurricane in New Orleans and if you like grape get the Voodoo Daquiri, my personal fav. The whole place is lit by candle light which adds to the whole atmosphere even more.

Well that's all the New Orleans traveling advice I have to share. If you do your research it's very easy to tailor your touring to exactly what you want. Walking around to random places is one of the best ways. So, I'll just leave you with some pictures I took of the French Quarter and surrounding area. 

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