Friday, February 17, 2012

Mini President's Day Storm

The question of the weekend is... Will I get to make one of these on Sunday? 

Not so sure yet. This may have been made at my parents house 3 years ago. I also may have been 22 when I made it but who doesn't love a good old fashioned igloo? The last time we had snow on President's Day Weekend we had just a BIT more snow than this though. Try somewhere along the lines of 20 inches more.

Alas, we will not have a PDIII (President's Day Storm 3) but I will venture to say we will definitely see something. Right now the most recent model output is showing anywhere from .2-.5 inches of liquid in the form of WHITE which technically would mean 2-6 inches. The whole 6 inches thing is definitely wishful thinking though. Sorry, NAM. GFS is looking a lot better. And sorry to let you all down but no, those aren't the initials of an old boyfriend.
So far the only conclusions any meteorologist can make are that this is a bust waiting to happen. The precipitation gradient of this system is pretty tight. It would be really easy for a certain region to be entirely missed and somewhere 30 miles south get a decent amount of precipitation. At this point, I'll just say yes we'll get snow and against my better judgement I'll even say it will be the most we've had all season. This means nothing since it only needs to snow about an inch to top it. I'm going for 1-2 inches but I'll make an update as more model runs come out. Either way, it won't matter to me. I'm going to be baking all weekend in preparation for my Mardi Gras party on Saturday. Then Sunday, while it's snowing I'll just be sitting on the couch with 50 blankets pretending I'm warm in New Orleans as I stuff my face with all the Creole leftovers. With that being said, you will probably want to check back for 1. weather stats and 2. for some awesome recipes including pralines, king's cake mini cupcakes, and muffuletta pizza. 

Personally, I'm hoping I can recreate this moment. Although, knowing me I will strip my wiper arm for the third time in a year since I think it's a good idea to use them when they're frozen to the windshield. I don't learn lessons apparently. Who wins for best dressed in the snow? I think the answer to that is obvious. Polar bear pj pants; hottest new fashion accessory.

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