Friday, February 24, 2012


Dorothyyyyyyyyyy? Dooooooooooorothy! That's all I can think about when I look at the weather forecast today. When I was little I remember every time the winds started picking up as a storm was beginning to move through. You could hear the leaves and branches swaying and my dad would be in the door way with his head popped out saying Dorothyyyyyyy? Memories. Then he would usually make us come inside where I would continue on to make my sister play tornado with me in the back room in our basement (as I mentioned in my first post). Those were the days.

Don't you just love weather in Maryland too? Last week we were concerned about having a snow storm, this week it's severe weather! How fun is that!? I'm excited at least, I'm kind of hoping a big old cell starts pouring on me in the middle of my run today. Actually, that happened once and it was pretty scary considering the bike trail runs along the power lines.... Sadly though (sadly to me, happily for most non morbid weather weirdos), I don't think we'll be getting any tornadoes here. North Carolina and Virginia have a better chance but it always seems to be that way.

See that yellow line between the green and yellow shaded area? That's us and normally it wouldn't be too promising but this is the first severe weather of the year in our area! and THAT get's me pumped even if it will be slightly to our south. Our best bet today is the winds. There's a potential for gusts up to 50 mph which is the whole reason I started thinking about Wizard of Oz. The winds alone as shown below will even get to around 25 mph. (the plot is in knots) One of my favorite plots to look at are winds when a front moves through. For some reason seeing such a sharp change in winds is so neat. It's even better when you drive through one. The first time I ever realized how sharp of a temperature gradient/front I had driven through was senior year of college. One minute it was sunny and 70 degrees. Next thing I know I'm driving into this torrential downpour and it's hailing, travel a total of 10 miles, and the temperature dropped to 48. It was still one of the coolest experiences I've had with weather. Nerd alert!

Anyway, wind wind wind. Don't blow away tonight if you're going out. I know I am a smidge worried about it since I'm going to Annapolis for the Annapolis Restaurant Week. Hopefully I make it without my dress blowing up or those residents will get quite the show.

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