Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tears of Butter

Hold the phone YA'LL! Paula Deen has further proven how annoying she is. Since I speak in food and weather and occasionally some bitchin, I have some of that for the first time. This morning a friend shared this article with me. I am not surprised that she would be involved in a restaurant that has racist tendencies especially towards the employees. This is probably what she is telling the authorities right now.
I actually watched her show the other day, not because I really wanted to know her recipes but because listening to her talk makes me laugh in a painful way. Trust me, I love Southerners. My mom's entire family lives in Georgia and I love going down there. When I listen to Paula though, I sort of cringe and when she takes a bite of her buttery dishes I almost barf because who in their right mind really gets that much enjoyment out food? I mean, of the top 3 things I enjoy most in this world food is in there but she just makes it sexual. Last year I even tried to make one of her recipes and followed it to a T. It was a huge flop so I'm not even sure how it made it on her site. At any rate, Paula is just crying tears of butter now because she's been figured out.

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