Monday, May 21, 2012


I am officially out of the office through May 28. If you need me, you can find me in Aruba. Currently I'm on hold with US Airways though because there was an error with my reservation. Hopefully by the time I'm done writing this post it will be figured out and less than 24 hours before I depart.

Let me tell you, having 3 whole days before your vacation off just makes it feel like it's FOREVER until you leave. Especially when you have so many things to do before. I officially felt like I was on vacation when this picture was taken...
Right after I finished my race. All week I was dreading it because I had shin splints but surprisingly it went really well! About a half mile in I had made two friends from New York and we ran together for the first 5 miles. I was feeling great until the last mile when all of a sudden I felt like I got punched in the chest and started slowing down big time. Then I started falling back and they were like "Come on, Ash!" I was able to do that 2 times, but the third time it was pretty much me saying "Uhhh you go on ahead, I'll stay back" and that's what I did. Third time was not a charm. My time was only 40 seconds slower than my first 10K so I'd say this was fairly successful considering the circumstances of a bad shin. After I finished, we went to Salisbury and I ate multiple maki rolls and seaweed salad and went into a blissful food coma only to be followed by Orange Crushes with this view. Not a shabby day. 
Then I wake up Sunday and get an e-mail saying the results are in and to click the link to view them. I click it and guess what, my name isn't even in the list! I know exactly what my time was and I went through the entire race results and I'm MIA. Apparently, I actually didn't do this race or I don't exist. You tell me.

With that said though, I am turning off my computer for the next 8 days. See you next Tuesday, maybe Wednesday. As long as I have enough energy to make some good food and a recipe!

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