Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm back!

I'm finally home and will be back to posting recipes by Friday! With that being said though, whoa... you need to go to Aruba if you ever get a chance to. That week was one of the most awesome weeks of my life. When we went out to the beach the first morning this was our view and I knew immediately this was going to be an amazing trip.
When you just happen to stumble upon a view like this because you need to use the bathroom, how could it not be amazing? We went to California Lighthouse which was pretty neat but what we discovered after totally made our trip. From this little Italian restaurant you could see the entire island practically and the views were just breathtaking.
Then we traveled on down to the actual beach which became very rocky once you got to the Western side of the island. The waves were almost 15 feet high and it was complete polar opposite waters on the West from the East. This was the beginning of our Western trek which was then followed by discovering ruins. That day was so unplanned we had no idea what we would find which made it so much more worth it.
You would think that with all the baking and cooking my boyfriend and I do that I would have taken pictures of all our meals, especially our meal at our friends' wedding. Of course, I didn't because I was a little caught up in other things, namely my orange crush and the food I was inhaling. Or the fact that LL Cool J had just said Congratulations to our friend and kissed a peace sign and said "One Love." I don't think I will be getting that surprise on my wedding day, whenever that is. By then LL Cool J probably won't be as exciting, it'd be more like Morgan Freeman but he'd be cool too. 

The only picture I do have is from El Gaucho though which was an Argentinian Steakhouse. As much as I'm not big on steaks this place was great. The flavor in all of the food from the main dish to the sides was fantastic, especially the fried plantains.
Sunday was our last night and we ended it with our last sunset on a super fun sunset booze cruise and an evening at Bugaloe Beach Bar! That was by far our favorite place to go for some good cheap food and fun. The free salsa lessons didn't hurt either. 

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