Thursday, August 9, 2012

So Forgetful

Yesterday was Wednesday, the day I always make a posting but I forgot my camera. I was super excited to put up the recipe for our Pork Souvlaki too. I made a mental note not to forget my camera today. It's Thursday, I forgot it... again. I had written part of my post already for the souvlaki so I figured I'd at least give you that. I was sitting at my desk longing for those last crumbs of my cheesecake from last Thursday. Exhibit A.

I just wanted to share with you all a prime example of my unbelievable and undying desire for sweets. Last week I had the personal dilemma of choosing. Making choices is not one of my fortes. Every time I go anywhere I request someone else to make my choice for me between two things I've narrowed it down to because it's that hard for me to make choices. Last Thursday I had to choose between cupcakes and cheesecake. It was supposed to be cupcake Thursday, then Sweetz threw me one out of left field and showed up! I didn't even know there was a cheesecake truck. Instantly as you can imagine I became distraught. I came with 3 others, both girls picked cheesecake, the boy picked cupcakes. I stood there and kept debating even after they'd all started eating. I had to flip a coin to make a choice! As you can see above I got cheesecake and ever since that fateful day I have been craving more but won't make my own because I might turn into cream cheese. I have the desperate desire for it now, so much that I'm itching for it... possibly in an addict type of way. So I post on their facebook wall and they write back 2-3 weeks. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! HOWWWW can I wait this long? At least I'm going to the beach Saturday, maybe that will keep my mind off of it.

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